When it was revealed that the PPP/C presidential candidate fabricated his academic qualifications there was much scorn and calumny cast upon both the act and the actor. In fact, this issue has unfortunately become one of the talking points of the election discourse. Everyone seemed to be caught up with the horror and humour of the forgery. However, the implications of what this means need to be examined very carefully because it portends the kind of presidency that the PPP/C can deliver.
It is indeed a sad day for morality in Guyana. Not only does a presidential candidate in an election race commit the unpardonable sin of forging his qualifications, but he is also before the courts facing nineteen charges of fraud. If he was applying for a job in the corporate sector he could not get a police clearance. But the PPP/C wants to impose him on the Guyanese electorate as if he is some squeaky clean new born babe. What is even more shameful and insulting is that there seem to be no adults in the room at the Robb Street headquarters who have the gumption to say that such a situation is untenable and that we in Guyana are better than that. They have all colluded to sell the nation a big fat lie. By their own actions they are telling the electorate that they are unfit and do not have the moral temperament to govern this country. History will be unkind to the adults who vote for the PPP/ C in these election because they refused to take a stand against what is wrong.
There is no doubt that if the PPP were to win the next election Guyana will become the laughing stock of the international community. World leaders will have a field day. Journalists will be sharpening their talons. Everyone will be lining up to take stab of this imposter doctor. Sadly, this opprobrium will be extended to all Guyanese. Those who travel abroad they too will face denigration both because of the audacity of the PPP/C to commit such an act and the simplicity of Guyanese nation to permit it. Further, Guyanese who have worked hard to get qualified and who apply for overseas jobs will have to face the mockery of being asked if their certificates were authentic.
Electing this fraudster to the highest position in the country will send the wrong messages to our youth. It will communicate to our young people that it is acceptable to cheat and that indeed there is reward for cheating. Worse is it says to our youth that you can be a criminal and still become a president. The adults of this society now stand before the jury of history. If they do not resoundingly reject the PPP/C and its fraudster candidate history will condemn them as spineless gutless people who perfectly fit the Trumpsian epithet “shithole”.
What the PPP/C wants to foist upon this country a culture of degeneracy. A presidency that is accepted with forged qualifications renders our school system irrelevant. There is no longer incentive to stay in school, work hard or pass exams. Forgery will confer upon the ignorant impressive academic titles. This is the highest stage of their vapid automatic promotion philosophy. They have moved from automatic promotion to automatic qualification. In addition, with the PPP/C presidency the school system stands to be corrupted. School Based Assessments for instance, will be sold to the highest bidders. Examinations and all our local institutions will be compromised because all the papers will be leaked and sold. No longer will these examinations stand the scrutiny of integrity. We will become the intellectual cesspool of the Caribbean and the world.
A PPP/C presidency will reduce our dear land of Guyana to a wasteland of gangsters and return us to the dark days of blood running the streets like water, fear, wanton disregard for life, killers for hire, the vanishing of our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. The country will become unsafe for living and unsafe for business. The collapse of the educational system will result in the rise of criminality at all levels of the society and with a criminal president, it is likely to reach unprecedented levels because there is no standard to hold anyone to.
We are always warned that the presidency does not transform those who become president. It only reveals who they really are. It means therefore that if in the campaign the candidate lies, cheats and shows disrespect for women and the laws of the land for instance, then that is the kind of president that candidate will be. We can therefore expect that if the PPP/C candidate was to become the president, this country will be made to suffer under the burdensome weight of lies, immorality, criminality, deception and indecency. The sad truth is that these are degenerative values, and like an untreated “life sore”, becomes septic. When this happens the presidency plunges into a dictatorship and therefore heads down the dark alley of extra judicial killings, stifling of the press, restrictions on free association and assembly, persecution of political parties, state murder of political opponents, extortion of the business community, fragmentation of the society along the lines of race and class and the list goes on.
This is what we can expect from a PPP/C presidency because all the trappings for degeneration are already there. There is a Guyanese saying that you don’t see something in the daytime and take fire stick to look for it in the night. There is every indication the PPP/C candidate is one to lie, cheat and reduce the high office to immorality and indecency. We can expect then that we will get a dictatorship from the PPP/C presidency. And given the remorseless and cavalier arrogance he has displayed in relation to the fake first degree from the non-existent university we could be heading for one of the worst dictatorships in this hemisphere. The Guyanese electorate therefore, owes future generations the duty to act responsibly to resist the PPP/C and its candidate when they go to the polls on March 02.
Finally what defies all logic is how properly qualified persons in the PPP/C, who worked hard to get qualified at properly accredited universities, could numbly accept the imposition of an academic criminal to lead them into these elections. We have to question whether their loyalty to the party has superseded their sense of morality. We have to question also, whether they have become so inured by the over two decades of disregard for law, decency and morality that they have become so numb, apathetic and pathetic. Maybe this is not so. Maybe there is a bigger plan and that plan is to have the General Secretary of The PPP/C exploit a seeming loop hole in the constitution and be returned to the presidency via accession rather than election. The precedent exists because that is how he became president in the first instance. Perhaps by advancing this candidate the PPP/C is displaying a naked king and asking the Guyanese electorate to admire the sartorial excellence of his suit. This is an insult. The PPP/C is a spent force and an eye pass to the nation. The electorate must now ensure that never again must they ever be in a position to insult this nation. They must get what they deserve on March 02, a unanimous and resounding rejection at the polls.

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