When you’re about to meet a new guy, you should remember that there are some typical lies guy use to get you into bed.

You should not believe everything he tells you.
There are some typical lie men tell to seduce a girl.


1. I’m Single…. And Ready To Mingle:
When a man desperately wants to get in bed with you, he’s going to do everything he can to achieve that purpose and that includes lying about relationship status..
Sometimes you have to take his word for it but if you take time to do some digging of your own, you might find out something that will kill-off any feeling you have for him.

2. I Won’t Tell Anyone About It:
Sometimes, you like a guy and wanna hook up with him, buh somehow, you have doubts about his ability to keep secrets.Now, being the smart man that he is, he will want to delete your doubts.He will promise you that he will keep your s*x secret, buh he will end up bragging to his friends.Once he blabs to one person, it can quickly become public knowledge, and it won’t stay secret for long.

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3. You’re Amazing:
Ladies beware when a guy constantly showers you with compliments.Of course, they’re geniune sometimes, buh often times they’re nothing buh a ploy to get you in bed.

4. I Have Never Done It Before:
If he’s trying to seduce you during a party or on a first date, he might use his trick.A guy would not want you to think that he is a womanizer, so he will tell you that he never does random hook up.Of course, his next victim will heard the same.
It is just a way to make you feel special.


5. I’m Rich And Have A Great Job:
Some girls are more attracted to guys with higher income.Men think that a big wallet can impress you and makes him get in bed with you.He will lie about his incomes and job.He will tell you anything to make himself look better.

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6. I Can’t Wait To Have My Own Family And Babies:
It’s one of the most ridiculous attempts to get you in bed.Guys think that all girls adore babies.He will make you believe that he wants to get married and have kids.
So you would think about him as your potential mate.Buh don’t be in a hurry to jump into the bed with such a guy!.


7. I Just Want To Hug You!:
Who can say no to a good cuddle? It’s always nice to feel closeness.Of course, cuddling can easily lead to something more intimate.He can use hugs as an excuse to get closer to you as well…

At this Juncture…I drop my pen.
Guys, Which of these are you Guilty of?
Feel free to add Yours.



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