I don’t know how much this staff Quarter cost but I am sure it cost a few hundred millions. Was it money well spent? Hell yes! In my opinion it is long overdue and it begs the question what the hell was PPP doing for 23yrs.

Let me give you an insight to staff dwelling at GPHC during PPP time. This is no fabricated story. This is no description of a google image. This is not the utterance of someone who was paid a few thousand dollars to spread propaganda. In essence this is not one of Melly Mel’s and her TCI garbage story. This is the story from the horse’s mouth. This is a story from someone who lived in it. This is a story that can be corroborated by many PPP doctors including Dr. Vindya Persaud. She can’t deny this because we were very close friends, spending hours in the staff quarters when we were baby doctors on call. The Head of the Chest Clinic, Dr. Jeetendra Mohanlall can also corroborate my claims. The paediatrician Dr. Chatterdeo Seepersaud can also corroborate my claim. Just to digress a bit, when I was in Guyana in 2017/2018 I saw Chatterdeo, we had a chat and he said, Mark many times when you were standing up to those lecturers we supported and agreed with you. I said nothing because telling me that now is no value to me. What I learn from medical school is that we are all selfish bastards. A collection of smart cowards. We would prostitute ourselves for grades while lecturers threat us like dogs. I struggled to live with that even if it meant the powers that be, kicking me out of medical school. At least I would have walked out with my dignity which meant more to me than any university degree.

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Anyway, let me sum up the conditions we lived under. It was a shit hole. We competed with rats and cockroaches for our meals, when we were on call. Be a minute late for it and the rats would have your dinner. The chairs that we sat on was shocking. Bugs infestation was common. The theory is that they rather us not sleep hence the bugs to keep us awake. The television was shocking. One television for the entire quarter. No radio. No internet. I think there was a microwave but I’m not sure.

Shall we take the walk up the creaking stairs to have a look at the bedrooms and washrooms? No No No. Don’t go. They were disgusting. I am not sure where they got the beds from but I suspect that they were from the Nazi concentration camp. The beds were all externally leather with inner noisy springs. Whenever you turn, the noise awake the ten other doctors in the room. By the way, there was not male and female room. Where ever there was a bed, you just go sleep.

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Let’s examine the washrooms. Toilets were a massive fail. Bathrooms were a massive fail. Everyone use the same washroom. Everyone on the same floor which could be up to ten. So the queue to have a shower in the morning extend to the hospital entrance. Then the lock for the washroom broke and a stone was used to separated your dignity from those outside. A colleague of mine forgot to place the stone and I unwittingly walked in. It was very embarrassing for both of us. Eye contact avoided for the following week.

Let’s have something to eat, we will try the food the offered us. No please. No No No. I rather walk around KFC and have costumers’ left overs of bones and chicken skin rather than eat that garbage again.


Let’s look at the outside of the quarters. Let me sum it up. From outside you could have seen straight inside. There were missing boards from the walls. There were boards hanging precariously, all they needed to land on someone’s head is a slightly overweight doctor to take the stairs and cause a little bit too much vibration. The external plumbing was deplorable. Vagrant dogs made the immediate environs of the Quarter, their home. As you left the Quarter you would be greeted by at least ten hungry and unhealthy dogs at the exit. Once you have evaded them then your hopscotching skills are tested as you try to get around their faeces. The painting on the building was probably yellow before I was conceived. By the time I was a baby doctor that yellow was just in patches as the rest of it died a natural death, decades ago.

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Those are the facts. When I have time I will pen a letter. When I write, I write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To date, despite all the letters I have written, no one has anyone come forward to say that I am lying. They would rather not respond out of fear of raising a hornets nest.


Thanks Mr. President. It is long overdue and I will forever be your loyal soldier.


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