Guyana is set to register the largest economic growth in the world next year.

According to projections laid out by the International Monetary Fund, the country is expected to grow by 4.4 per cent in 2019, and then 85.6 per cent in 2020.


Guyana is also projected to have an economic growth rate of 4.8 per cent, 20.6 per cent, 26.2 per cent and 3.2 per cent from 2021 to 2024.

Meanwhile, Trinidad and Tobago’s 2019 projection is at 0 percent growth, in 2020 the economy is set to grow by 1.5 per cent.


For 2021 to 2024, T&T is projected to grow at 2.3 per cent, 2 per cent, 1.6 per cent and 1.7 per cent, respectively.

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