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THE Regional Democratic Council (RDC) held its last and final statutory meeting as they prepare for regional and general elections.

At the statutory meeting, which saw a large turnout of regional councillors, Regional Chairman (RC) Renis Morian thanked councillors for what he said has been their committed, disciplined and devoted service to the council. He also told then that despite the very rocky start that they had in 2015, he is pleased that there has been significant cohesion among councillors despite the fact that they are from various political parties.


He also confirmed that while several councillors representing the APNU+AFC side of the council have repeated their call for him to serve a second term as regional chairman, he firmly believes that it’s time for someone else to take the mantle. “I have no intentions of returning as the regional chairman as I firmly believe that my work in this aspect has been completed and for that I am very grateful to have served as the regional chairman of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice). I will always hold great memories as we certainly achieved a great lot and for that I am thankful to all the councillors who served from 2015 to present,” Morian said.

He said that despite the council’s life being cut short for a second time, he firmly believes that there were a number of achievements, stressing that he is hopeful that whoever is selected to serve the people of Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice) at the next council, irrespective of their political affiliation, will do so with great pride and dignity. He however thanked everyone stating that while its evident that some councillors will not be returning, he would like to reiterate that whoever is selected to serve must never forget the people that they were selected to serve. “We must never forget that we owe our residents that responsibility of serving them to the best of our ability and while there were many challenges and difficulties over the past four years. I am satisfied that many of us gave our best to further enhance and improve the lives of residents within this region,” the RC said.

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The Standing Orders were then suspended and councillors and departmental heads were given an opportunity to address the council. Several of councillors representing both sides praised the regional chairman stressing that his stewardship should be emulated throughout Guyana at several other RDCs. A number of PPP councillors said that despite their political differences, the regional chairman did not allow his political affiliation to hinder progress within the region; they commended him for representing not just a section of the council, but everyone. “Your leadership was all inclusive and for that you certainly deserve another term RC, I was particularly impressed with the level and quality of service that you provided and would like to thank you for always making yourself and office available to render whatever assistance and/or support to me,” PPP Councilor Serojnie Naraine said. She reiterated that while she isn’t sure if her party will select her to serve again, she remains ready and prepared to serve her party for another term.

Another PPP councillor in Dr Gregory Harris, said that he is privileged to have served the council, declaring that he is proud that Region 10 has been blessed with one of the most professional regional chairmen. He thanked the RC, declaring that he is confident that he will not serve another term. He disclosed that having completed his Masters in the UK, his primary focus is to further improve himself both professionally and academically, stating that he is taking a break from the political circle so as to concentrate on his family, whom he said needs him more than ever now. He however issued a call for Renis Morian to be given another term at the helm. “Fellow councillors, it is clear that I will not be returning, but I would like to say that Renis Morian has served this council very well and while I sat on the PPP side, I was very impressed with his leadership and management style and I am publicly stating that he should be given another term as RC. We as councillors should put our political affiliations and beliefs aside and recognise leadership at its best; and I can say that the RC provided a high level of leadership,” he told fellow councillors.

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APNU+AFC councillor Gordon Calendar who heads the Regional Health Committee, said that when he first came to the council he came with several misconceptions and ideas, but learnt a lot throughout the four years that he has been there. He said that his experience was one from which he has learnt; he added that the RC was willing and effective in guiding councillors. He supported the call for another term as RC, expressing his own desire at serving again. “Our Regional Chairman served well and [I] would like to support the call made by several councillors, even to those on the PPP side, that he should be given another term. RC, your leadership was certainly a great one,” Calendar said.

PPP Councillor and Chairman of the Coomacka CDC said that he was going to be bold to declare that he has enjoyed working with the RC despite their different political affiliations. He declared that RC Morian served exceptionally well and thanked him for supporting his community and several projects and programmes that he brought to the council. He stressed that despite his affiliation as a PPP councillor, he would endorse Renis Morian having a second term, stressing that the council should not seek to change what he said has been a remarkable formula of RC Morian. “This council in my mind was one of the most cohesive, as anyone coming into this boardroom would not know that we were from different political parties and because of that I am forever grateful and thankful. We learnt a lot and while the RC has indicated that he has no plans of returning, I trust that we can convince him to return,” Councillor Harding said.

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Meanwhile, Deputy Regional Chairman Elroy Adolph who represented the Alliance For Change (AFC), said that he has certainly learnt significantly from the leadership of Renis Morian. He admitted that while he served previously on the council, it was this time around that he learnt a lot; he noted that he firmly believes that the council needs Morian, whom he said can continue leading the council in a very professional way. “I would like to endorse our RC for a second term as he served this council very well and there is no doubt as many of the other councillors have admitted that he brought real cohesion to this council and also managed in a very professional way. Thank you, RC, but please note that we need you again,” VC Adolph said.
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