Bosai’s Public Relations Officer, Vanessa Mitchell-Davis

BOSAI Minerals Group Guyana Inc. (BMGGI) renewed its commitment to the people of Linden and, by extension, the rest of Guyana, and as such, has pledged continued support in the areas of social and human development.

In a statement on Thursday, Bosai’s Public Relations Officer, Vanessa Mitchell-Davis said since establishing operations in Guyana 13 years ago, the bauxite company has contributed to several projects and programmes within Region 10, while aiding several other projects nationally.


Mitchell-Davis pointed out that Bosai, in the past, renovated the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) swimming pool at a cost of $10M, and on an annual basis, distributes hampers to seniors during the annual staging of the Linden Town Week. The company is also known for supporting the regional bursary awards and the fixing of streets.

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Added to that, the PRO noted that Bosai has within its employ more than 600 workers, and therefore contributes to the town’s economic development to the community. While employees of other companies have encountered difficulties with working conditions, Mitchell-Davis boasted that at Bosai it is different. She said that Bosai is not all about making money but investing and enhancing communities.


This, Mitchell-Davis stressed, is evident since the commencement of the bursary awards in 2007, from which over 800 students have benefited. In 2019, 45 students were awarded. “The amount of monies invested into the bursaries are millions but while I don’t have the exact amount, I can assure you that over 800 students benefited and, as a result, have been able to pursue their academic goals,” she said.

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The Bosai PRO stressed that education is one of the company’s critical area for national development, thus emphasis is placed on the bursary awards. She pointed out that the bursary is done at three levels, which include at the employee level, regional level and national level.


She said that the bauxite company will also be sponsoring the Linden Town Week, in part, as it forms part of their social responsibility. Mitchell-Davis also praised the relationship that currently exists between Bosai and National Industrial & Commercial Investments Ltd (NICIL), stressing that for the past two years the relationship has significantly improved.
“We are very impressed with how NICIL has been handling a number of matters with regards to Bosai and I must say that because of this it has helped in us resolving a number of issues that once were difficult to resolve. It is as a result of this level of relationship that continues to see a number of holistic benefits for both the country and Bosai as an investor,” the PRO declared.

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