President of Three Counties Foundation – Guyana Oozing Oil Movement, James Richmond, (with microphone) and others, celebrate the launching of the organisation.

As Guyana draws closer to first oil, more interest groups and business bodies have expressed interest in joining up in the nascent industry, the latest being formed in the Diaspora, aimed at serving as a conduit for playing a role and benefitting from the crude discovered in the Stabroek.
As such, the three Counties Foundation-Guyana Oozing Oil Movement, was launched on December 7, last in Brooklyn, to mobilise Guyanese across the world to have a voice in Guyana’s developing oil and gas sector.
President of the Foundation, James Richmond, at the modest launching ceremony, said the mission of the organisation was to empower underserved communities at home, while mobilising members of the Diaspora and beyond, to be educated about Guyana’s oil.
Some Guyanese, he said, may not be ready to move back to Guyana permanently, but “they have a vested interest in our country, and remain open to lending their skills and talents to companies, and the country as a whole.”
According to Richmond, “the organisation looks forward to collaborating with oil companies involved to discuss with our professionals in the Diaspora, how best they can get involved.”

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President of Three Counties Foundation – Guyana Oozing Oil Movement, James Richmond, (with microphone) and others, celebrate the launching of the organisation.


Sherif Fraser, district manager of Brooklyn Community Board 17 in the Brooklyn 21st Senate District, in remarks to the gathering, expressed excitement at the launch of the organisation. He noted that the group hopes to use the organisation as a conduit to enlighten fellow Guyanese on the oil boom in Guyana. It would also use its work as a platform to bring information and opportunities to those residing in the Diaspora.
“Guyana is now slated to become one of the richest countries in the world and we do believe the economy can grow faster, creating better jobs, with the right skills and workforce, so businesses can become more competitive, and organisations, like, Three Counties Foundation –Guyana Oozing Oil Movement, can be more effective, with Guyanese being involved,” said Fraser.
The activity also benefitted from input by Guyana’s Department of Energy, with Director, Dr. Mark Bynoe participating by way of live-streaming.
During a “Let’s Talk Oil”, in-depth presentation by Dr. Bynoe, the gathering was informed about the direct and indirect benefits of oil for Guyana, basic information on the sector, and planning for the future – 2020.
In his video presentation, Dr. Bynoe stated that in 2015, Exxon Mobil discovered a property offshore Guyana – Liza 1 well with 5.5 billion barrels of confirmed oil and gas reserves.
Supporters and members of the newly formed grouping include Guyanese businessmen, Nohar Singh, Akoyow Rudder, Menes de groit Shanto, Onagie, Gucci Boss, Pablo G, Dan, Desmond Klien, General Shakur, Power Jam Radio Conversations, TriMed Social Adult Center, Richmond Hill Economic Development Council, Women of Mission Int., and Queens Book Fair, Inc.

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