COVID-19: GBTI to implement govt’s vaccination requirements

September 4, 2021, Official Gazette of Guyana, COVID-19 Order# 193/2021 (Section 17) will require GBTI to enforce the Covid 19 emergency measures. These include:

  • Anyone entering a “public building” including banks shall be vaccinated.
  • Where a person is unvaccinated and wishes to enter a public building that person may only enter that building: –
  1. a) by appointment (contact your branch to schedule) and
  2. b) by presenting a negative molecular PCR test result of a test taken within seven days of the appointment.
  • For the purpose of these measures only negative molecular biological PCR test results from a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health will be accepted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Remember to practice the recommended safety measures so that we all could return to our Guyanese way of living as soon as possible.


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