The stolen television that was seen for sale on Facebook’s Marketplace


The woman, who requested anonymity, told this publication that last Thursday her relative’s house which is located in Diamond on the East Bank Demerara was broken into and two television sets were taken. The woman noted that her relative resides overseas but she was tasked with supervising the place.
The woman, who was not staying at the house at the time of the break-in, said that a neighbour had called her the following morning and reported that she had observed one of the doors was opened and the lights were off.
After receiving the call, the woman said that she immediately went to check on the house. Upon arrival, the woman said that she noticed that two television sets that were located in different rooms were gone and indeed the lights were off. She explained that the lights were left on in the house since no one was staying there.
She further revealed that it was only on September 19, last, she had installed the televisions and put things in place in the house. Since then, the woman said she had only visited the house on two occasions.
After observing that the items were missing, the woman said that she made a report to the Diamond Police Station and a rank escorted her back to the house to investigate. In fact, it was the very police rank who advised her to browse the Marketplace page on Facebook to see if any of the items that were taken were there.
“So I went to Marketplace and I typed in the television but at that point in time I didn’t see it. On Sunday I decided to type in the Samsung TV that is missing…when I type in the Samsung TV, there the TV come up on the page,” she related.
The woman then decided to reach out to the seller and while viewing the profile, she discovered it was an individual who had passed in front of her relative’s house on September 19.
The woman said that she was so sure that it was her relative’s television because she recognised some markings on its side. She added too that the television was using a substitute remote which she recognised in the seller’s photo when it was advertised.
“So the substitute remote was there, and the TV was not on a stand because I have the TV stand,” she added.
According to her, she further asked about the television and informed the seller that she wanted to purchase it but was told that it was already sold. After gathering the details about the television, the woman said that she then made another report to the police.
Meanwhile, the other television that was taken, a Sony brand, has not been found.
Police are said to be investigating the matter.

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