Wanted man Marcus Bisram arrived in Guyana last evening after he was extradited by United States authorities to face murder charges relative to the death of a Corentyne carpenter who was killed back in November 2016.

Bisram is being processed by the authorities and he is expected to appear in front of a magistrate on the Corentyne this week to answer to murder charges.


Bisram’s arrived  days after the family of the late 26-year-old carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedatt observed his third death anniversary.He was killed on November 01, 2016. Bisram who holds dual citizenship, became a person of interest to the police after they began investigating the death o Narinedatt, a father of two.

His body was found around 03:30hrs on Tuesday November 01, 2016 on the Number 70 Public Road, East Corentyne, Berbice ; his death was initially reported as a suspected hit-and-run accident.It was later reported that Bisram made sexual advances to Narinedatt who objected to the latter’s advances.

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Several other men are currently on remand for the young man’s death.

Bisram had been fighting extradition to Guyana through several appeals which he exhausted two months ago.


His release from the detention center , hinged on the latest court ruling which pointed out that the United States and United Kingdom signed an extradition treaty back in 1931, a treaty that is still in effect here, even after Guyana’s independence in 1966 from Great Britain.

The case surrounding the death of Faiyaz Narinedatt has been an eventful one with several person being charged and placed before the court including the mother of Bisram and another individual for alleged bribery.



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