The police’s Traffic Department is paying keen attention to reports of misbehaving drivers and conductors.

Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent, Linden Isles


In fact, says Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Linden Isles, a number of them have been arrested and detained.
For example, the police’s attention was caught a few weeks ago when a conductor was caught on video dancing on a moving minibus.
The minibus was hauled in and the conductor arrested.
Another video showed shocking scenes of a conductor hanging part of his body out of the door of a moving minibus. Seconds later, the video panned to the driver opening his door and doing a few moves…all the while the vehicle was in motion.
The police also acted then.
The Traffic Chief was on Tuesday responding to questions about the lawlessness on the roadways.
Minibus drivers and conductors especially have been coming under the spotlight with no let up, it seems, of the careless and dangerous driving.
From the overtaking of long lines of traffic to sudden switching of lanes and stopping to drinking and driving, the situation had become intolerable.
Isles, who was appearing on ‘The Legal Mind’ aired on Kaieteur Radio’s 99.1 and 99.5FM, disclosed that the police force is working on a few mechanisms including a Whatsapp number for citizens to send in their photographs and complaints about traffic lawlessness.
The Traffic Department has been under pressure to reduce the traffic accidents and lawlessness on the roadways amid a number of accidents that saw Road Safety week last week being one of the most deadly on records.

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