A 27-year-old woman is dead and her reputed husband critical following a shooting incident in Linden (Region 10) on February 27, 2020.


The dead woman has been identified as the reputed wife of Allen, Collissa Hunte. Former policeman Teon Allen, known as ‘Spoil Child’ is in a critical condition at the Linden Hospital complex.

Police said that the incident occurred in Amelia’s Ward shortly after noon and involved Allen and Hunte; The latter subsequently succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.


Allen is an alleged gang leader and based on words in the street this killing may have stemmed from an ongoing gang violence. However, no official source has confirmed this theory thus far.

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He is presently charged before the court with shooting at a police officer and was last October charged for the attempted murder of Denise Grant and Tiffany McDeth, in Amelia’s Ward, on September 2, 2019.


Another alleged gang member of an alleged “mob gang” was also charged for the attempted murder Spoil Child.

Hunte leaves to mourn her immediate family, inclusive of her two children and friends.


In September, last, person(s) unknown executed Allen’s cousin, Eon Williams was in Linden and wounded his girlfriend; the gunmen opened fire on them at Lover’s Lane.

Williams’s death was said to have been in retaliation to Allen reportedly opening fire on the home of the mother of the rival gang leader.

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Details surrounding the shooting are sketchy at this time, however we will bring you more in subsequent report.


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