Some nursery schools reopening fully, others will operate on rotational basis

When the 2021/ 2022 academic year commences on September 6, some 41 of the 348 nursery schools across Guyana will fully reopen for face-to-face classes while the others will operate on a rotational basis.

This was related by Samatha Williams, the Assistant Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education with responsibility for nursery schools.


During a press conference on Friday, Williams emphasised that research has shown that learners between the ages of zero to seven are at a crucial stage of development and must be engaged. Importantly, she said specific attention must be given on developing their literacy and numeracy schools and social skills and values.

The reopening of schools, Williams said, is being done on an individualised basis after assessing schools’ readiness. There will be no less than four hours of contact time per week between the children and their teachers.

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The schools that will be reopened and those operating on a rotational basis will be communicated subsequently. For those operating on a rotational basis, children in year one will be taught on different days from those in year two.

Importantly, no more than five children can be supervised and taught by one teacher. This is being done to ensure that the children are adequately supervised.  She emphasised that the reopening of schools has to be done in great partnership between teachers and parents, where parents have to talk to their children and encourage them to maintain safety protocols during this time.


Additionally, all nursery children will receive a home-based learning package, including all resources needed for parents and teachers to be able to provide quality education.


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