Witnessing the hacking to death of her two young children and surviving the most gruesome cutlass attack, that left her with a severed right hand, 26-year-old Nazaleena ‘Natasha’ Houston is still struggling to overcome the ordeal.

Speaking to Stabroek News from her Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home, she vividly recalled the bloodbath that occurred on July 31, 2013.


Around 6:30 pm on that fateful day, her estranged husband, Richard Lord, 26, dealt the fatal blows to the children, six-year-old Kimberly and two-year-old Saif and brutally wounded her after she refused his requests to reconcile.

She has received counseling from Help and Shelter (H&S), and although she is trying to cope she would “still get flashbacks.”

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