Dr. Budhendra Doobay

Beware of refined ‘carbs’ which sneak into the diet by way of white flour, white rice, sugary beverages and other foods that line the shelves of many supermarkets.

This is the counsel of Cardiovascular Surgeon, Dr. Budhendra Doobay, who is on a mission to help Guyanese wage war against diabetes.
While there is no known formula for fighting Type One Diabetes, there are modifiable behaviours that help combat Type Two. Both types of diabetes are said to affect the body’s ability to regulate blood glucose


Experts have noted that while sugar consumption will not directly cause either type, eating too much can cause problems such as obesity that can trigger Type Two.
Moreover, Dr. Doobay is advocating for persons to consume less sugars. “Soda, juices…all these refined carbohydrate products like the little biscuits that you eat with your tea, all the refined breads, all the beautiful desserts; I am not saying that you shouldn’t have desserts, we all have desserts, but we have to have some common sense about it,” said Dr. Doobay.
Dr Doobay’s revealing comments were emphasised Monday when he appeared on Kaieteur Radio’s [99.1 FM, 99.5FM] Your Health Matters.
“[Being] overweight is very close to causing diabetes; it is one of the risk factors we should try to remove ourselves from…So carbohydrates, lots of carbohydrates, lots of potatoes and lots of sugary things

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, this is one of the reasons why we get diabetes,” said Dr. Doobay.
Once diagnosed with diabetes, the main goal for medical professionals is to prevent complications associated with the disease. For patients with Type One, they are expected to manage their condition with insulin as well as dietary changes and exercise.
Type Two patients are managed with non-insulin medications, insulin, weight reduction and dietary changes.
But Dr. Doobay is preaching a new sermon, which once followed, could even see diabetic patients becoming medication free.
“I am here to tell them [diabetics] that they should be off medications if they would follow the regime, my regime; it is an experiment…doctors will do their blood sugar and they [doctors] will usually start them

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sometimes with oral agents and if the oral agent is not holding them [working], they will give them insulin.
“Some of them [patients] if the sugar is very high, they would start them with insulin so it [can] vary from patient to patient…some are oral treatment only, some are oral treatment plus insulin, some are insulin only,” said Dr. Doobay.
When asked whether there are instances where patients are found to be allergic to diabetic treatment such as insulin, the medical practitioner quickly quipped, “There are many different types of insulin…bovine insulin, human insulin so they will just have to change.”
He continued, “Hardly I have heard of a patient who is so allergic to insulin that they cannot find one that they cannot use because there are different strains that you can try.”
But according to Dr. Doobay, patients can in fact reach a point where they are entirely cured of diabetes. He noted that while avoiding certain foods can prevent the development of the disease, this similar course of action can also cater to patients being cured.
Although his disclosure has not met the approval of some medical professionals, Dr. Doobay assures that it has been tried and proven.
“A lot of doctors have been attacking me on Facebook and so forth…[but] diabetes can be cured if you decrease your carbohydrate intake. By that I mean, you don’t eat bread…Some people believe this myth, ‘I don’t eat white bread but I eat brown bread and brown bread is good’.
“Well you know what? No bread, white bread, brown bread…no bread, no refined carbohydrate [is good]. They have fructose [fruit sugar] and fructose sends fats cells right into your liver,” said Dr. Doobay.
Moreover, he is recommending, “If you look at a box and it has the word fructose,” persons should seek to avoid them at all cost to help safeguard themselves, as far as possible, from diabetes and its complications.

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