Five more US politicians, who are Georgia State Legislators, have expressed concern about alleged racist policies and practices by the PPP government of Guyana as well as the government’s relentless attacks on black-owned businesses.
Georgia State Senator Michael Rhett and Georgia State Representatives Laura Hall, John King, Annie McDaniel, and Dee Dawkins Haigler said that they stood in solidarity with local fuel company, SBF International Inc., whose license to import fuel was abruptly rescinded by the PPP government one month, after taking office in August 2020.
No due process rights were granted to the company before its license was taken away without cause by the CEO of the Guyana Energy Agency, Mahender Sharma, a staunch PPP operative.
SBF International Inc is a fuel company that is owned by African Guyanese re-migrant, Dorwin Bess. Bess has written to several US officials, including several US Members of Congress, alleging that the PPP regime is discriminating against his business because he is black.
“Several of us are very disturbed by the allegations,” said former Georgia State Representative, Dawkins-Haigler, in a letter to Bess. She noted that in a recent meeting with President Irfaan Ali, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, and other Ministers, a delegation from Georgia raised the issue of SBF International’s license, with the government.
The Georgia Legislators and Dawkins-Haigler emphasized that during the meeting, “President Ali spoke about his vision for One Guyana and the importance that all Guyanese be respected, embraced and given equal access to opportunities.”
Apparently, the complaint by SBF International Inc and other businesses have given rise to the US politicians questioning Ali’s truthfulness and credibility on race relations, as well as his government’s commitment to equality and equal access to Guyana’s wealth.
The Georgia State politicians said that they will be following up with US Ambassador to Guyana, Ms. Sarah Ann-Lynch, and Guyana Government officials over allegations of discrimination that have been leveled against the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA).
The Senator’s and Representatives’ intervention comes on the heels of a similar intercession on behalf of SBF International Inc., by influential US Human Rights Activist, Dr. Joseph Beasley, of the Joe Beasley Foundation. Dr. Beasley wrote President Ali over the controversy involving Bess and the fuel company. He highlighted the lack of due process and urged that the license be restored.
In his September 6, 2021 letter to President Ali Dr. Beasely said, “I pledge myself, the Joe Beasley Foundation, and the totality of my influences and resources to assisting in a prompt and equitable resolution of this matter.”
Additionally, Dr. Beasley has also written to Ambassador Sarah Ann-Lynch, calling for immediate intervention. However, Lynch has been under fire for her close ties to the PPP government, ignoring their abuses, and for failing to represent the interest of Americans who are being victimized or discriminated against by the government.
Members of the US Congressional Black Caucus are also investigating racism in Guyana and attempts by the PPP regime to unlawfully take away and destroy the businesses of Afro-Guyanese.
SBF International Inc., since its establishment in 2016, has grown its annual revenues to $24,704,180 USD in 2019, prior to the license cancellation in 2020.” SBF International, Inc., has to date also contributed over $2 billion in taxes to the nation of Guyana.
At the time the license was canceled, the company employed over 100 permanent, and 250 temporary Afro-Guyanese from the underserved communities of Linden, Belladrum, Georgetown, Eccles, and other areas; including West Demerara.
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