Essequibo Residents thankful for street lights
New poles that were planted
-installation currently ongoing
RESIDENTS in Region Two, especially those living in the south of the coast in villages such as Suddie, Golden Fleece, Abram Zuil and Johanna Cecilia, will be experiencing a change in their environment for the Christmas holidays. Their communities will be lit-up for the holiday season now that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has started the installation of several street light poles.

The exercise commenced approximately three weeks ago with technicians planting poles along the roadway. With this intervention, residents living in these communities expressed their satisfaction with the works. Many have since commended the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, for fulfilling his promise to residents. Earlier in the year, during a public meeting, the minister had promised to have the coast equipped with street lights.

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The poles along the Cullen Public Road
“We are very happy, we can now feel safe in our environment, with the robberies happening the street lights will offer better security at nights,” Shelly Narine, a resident, remarked.

This newspaper took a drive along these communities and it was observed that that the poles were planted from Suddie to Abram Zuil. Earlier in the year, Abram Zuil received street lights. Technicians attached to the project were seen as early as 07:00hrs planting the poles. Residents are very pleased with such initiative and therefore commended the Government of Guyana for their vested interest in the communities


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