Region 10 Police Division gifts single mother spanking new home

After petitioning ranks from the Region 10 Division of Police who were on community policing duties for a washroom facility, Malika Thomas, a single mother of two, was on Friday presented with a fully furnished two-bedroom, concrete home. Presenting the endowment to the Lindener was Commander of the Division, Hugh Winter, and his team, who worked tirelessly to ensure the project, which started in February 2021, reached fruition.

The very emotional Thomas lived in a concrete shack with no door, window and washroom facility. This forced her and her two children to use unsanitary methods to excrete; something she was not comfortable with. The inhumane condition she was forced to live in pushed Thomas to even consider taking her own life, but with timely intervention from the Police Division, Thomas’ standard of living has changed.Region 10 Police Division gifts single mother spanking new home

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The spanking new structure which is now home to Malika Thomas and her children.


Winter said this project marks a new phase for community engagement between the police and residents, since it is not only about fighting crime. “Today, I am proudly celebrating us as police officers to showcase our humane side which exhibit us as good police officers for what we are doing collectively,” he said. The Senior Superintendent expressed appreciation to all the stakeholders, including corporate Linden and the Office of the Mayor, for coming on board and contributing tangibly to the project. “Community engagement makes our job less challenging and enjoyable, once there is respect and camaraderie on both sides. Together we can assure residents of Region 10 that we will strive to make Region 10 a better community,” Winter added. He went on to urge stakeholders to further assist Thomas’ situation by providing her with employment, so she can gainfully take care of her children. Fighting to hold back tears, Thomas expressed sincere gratitude to Commander Winter and his team for bringing an end to her ordeal. “I have a comfortable home for my two children, now I am in a home, not a home alone but a furnished home, and I promise you that I will take care of it,” she assured.

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Region 10 Police Division gifts single mother spanking new homeMalika Thomas and her two children had called this place home.


According to Thomas, her life was not an easy journey, since her mother died when she was a child. She however remained contented and prayed for an intervention. Present at the handing over ceremony were Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell, and Regional Chairman, Deron Adams.





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