Under the revised Cummingsburg Accord which is expected to be signed soon, the Alliance for Change will get fewer seats in the Parliament and on the regional councils.

The AFC has agreed to a 70:30 ratio for the allocation of the seats, with the APNU receiving the bigger portion. Under the last agreement, there was a 60:40 ratio.


Additionally, the AFC will get the Ministries of Public Security, Public Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Public Telecommunications, once the coalition wins the vote. The AFC will also get the Prime Ministerial spot

The Ministry of Agriculture and all other Ministries will go to the APNU.


At a press conference this morning, Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan said his party does not feel dejected by the fewer seats that it will be getting. He said his party’s commitment is more focused on ensuring the coalition stands firm for the elections.

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“I want a coalition arrangement to win and I will not get into arguments for or against, I appreciate that an accord has been reached…we believe that together we can win the elections and an agreement had to be reached.”, Ramjattan said.


The AFC Leader said he does not feel dejected by the reduced number of seats his party will be getting.

He said he went into the negotiations wanting an accord and an agreement has been reached.


On the issue of the two top spots in Government, Ramjattan said it remains that the APNU will provide the Presidential Candidate while the AFC will provide the Prime Ministerial Candidate.

Although an AFC motion has thrown support behind him as the Prime Ministerial Candidate, Mr. Ramjattan stopped short of confirming that he will be the PM Candidate.

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“It is the press in relation to all of these messaging that has been saying a name and indeed the logical deduction is that, but in the arrangement, the designates for these two positions will be one APNU and one from AFC.”

Ramjattan said he believes the revised accord will be signed at the soonest and he will not add a timeline for that since his party has already received a whipping for talking about deadlines.



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