The PPP is circulating this trash as their “vision” for Guyana. Bharrat Jagdeo and his band of thieves actually think Guyanese will buy into this crap? Their kebab of half baked, empty, strung togethe platitudes bear no resemblance to their record or ability. The PPP promising Guyanese low crime is like Roger Khan saying make him Police Commissioner and he will end crime in Guyana. The PPP is the epitome of crime. This criminal enterprise specializes in it all; murder, political assassinations, fraud, theft, bribery, drug trafficking, money laundering etc. The PPP allegedly siphoned off over $20 billion from the Guyanese treasury when Guyana had no oil revenues. Its presidential candidate alone has 19 fraud charges in connection with a $176 million fraud scheme he allegedly perpetrated on Guyanese. Now the said PPP is promising to use oil revenues for the benefit of all Guyanese ?? To them, the word “Guyanese” means me, my family and friends.

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This is party that governed Guyana as a brutal ethnocracy for 23 years. They used the resources of the state for the benefit of their family, friends and ethical collective. Open which sugar estates? The ones they bankrupt after allegedly investing oner US 125 million in the Skeldon Estate which never operated one day? Lower what taxes? The ones they imposed on Guyanese, which the APNU+AFC coalition government already reduced? How can they deliver affordable housing? They ignored over 40,000 applications for house lots while they built themselves millionaire mansions in Pradoville. How can they give us more jobs when they left office in 2015 with 37% youth unemployment and the APNU+AFC coalition government has already created over 5000 jobs in just 4 years? No more 2 am curfew? Really? Is that a vision? They don’t need to be out in public in bars drinking rum and scheming how to murder black young men, register fake names on the voters list, run drugs and guns and defraud Guyanese. They can do that at from the comfort of their homes or Freedom House (Crime House).
Stronger together? How can Guyana be stronger together with the PPP when that party practices race identity politics and ethnic supremacy and openly promotes racism Please help me laugh these PPP jokers and their silly vision out of town.

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