Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited has proposed to reintroduce the Republic Bank OneCard.
In his discussion and analysis of the Bank’s performance for 2019, contained in its annual report, Managing Director Amral F. Khan said the bank in attempting to afford customers an additional option for non cash banking, plans to reintroduce the Republic Bank OneCard.
According to him, this card caters for persons desirous of a card for local use. Similar to the Republic Bank Visa Card, this card enables access to customers’ accounts via the bank’s extensive Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS) networks countrywide.
Previously, the Republic OneCard did not possess the feature to enable customers to make online transactions relating to internet shopping and use outside of Guyana. It is unclear whether this will remain the case.
Republic Bank back in 2009 introduced its Visa-One. It allowed customers to access their accounts from any part of the world where a Visa card is accepted and to conduct several transactions such as withdrawals, deposits (where the ATM permits), online purchases and transfers among others. However, following numerous cyber attacks on its Visa One customers, the bank made a decision to implement restrictions on online VISA transactions so as to minimise recurrence of fraudulent activity when customers used the Republic Visa OneCard.
According to the annual report, “the use of the Republic Bank Visa OneCard, though not without challenges, continues to offer customers convenience and we expect that our ongoing customer education and efforts to further enhance the security of the product will help reinforce customer confidence.”



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