The idea of living to be 100 years old is a mere figment of the imagination for some persons but in the case of Sybil Harte that is not so.
She lived to celebrate her 100th birthday last Wednesday.

Ms. Harte surrounded by friends and family at the celebration of her birthday


With her being a member of the Trinity Methodist Church since June 1932, members of the congregation joined together to wish Ms. Harte happy birthday with prayers that she live many more decades to come.
Ms. Harte was born February 19, 1920 and has outlived both her two children.
Being a proud and outstanding member of the Methodist church, Ms. Harte held the post of Cradle Roll Secretary, Sunday School Teacher, Class Leader, and was an influential part of the Woman’ League.
She is also described as a very approachable and knowledgeable person especially when it comes to the affairs of the church.
Members of the congregation described Ms. Harte as a very patient individual who gets persons to commit to their responsibilities within the church.
From a tender age to today, Ms. Harte is still guiding youths in and out of the Methodist church in their religious duties.
Even though she would have suffered two strokes in the year 2012 that resulted in her not being able to walk and communicate effectively.
Ms. Harte still continues to contribute to the life of the church through her many writings and letters of encouragement, which she sends to the congregation from time to time.
During her effective years, she also served as a Chairperson of the Guyana Red Cross Society Senior Women’s Group and was involved in organising fundraising among the other seniors.
She also partakes in several other activities as a way to keep her active.
Ms. Harte now resides in Roxanne Burnham Gardens with her great niece and nephew.

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