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The PPP eyes pass the military

Everyone is talking about the night of the long knives. The night when the PPP stabbed the careers of four reputable army officers in the back. The night when it was established that no serving officer, no matter the quality of his or her service, could be assured that their careers would not be destroyed by the PPP for its political agenda.

Well if the “night of the long knives” was bad, the “days of thermal shame” took the cake. Those were the days when the PPP delegated authority to criminals. The days when criminal execution gangs operated with impunity, and the police were powerless. The days when a policeman, upon receiving a report of gunmen looking for a man to kill him, sheepishly said, “There is nothing we could do, those guys got their instructions from high up. ” The days when the reputation and pride of the Guyana Police Force were thrown in the gutter and trampled upon.

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Pride returned to the Guyana Police Force

Yet the PPP expect the military to behave like someone suffering from battered spouse syndrome; where no matter the amount of blows and ill-treatment, they keep going back for more. The manner in which Kwame McCoy handled the police a few weeks ago should make the men and women of the military ask themselves, “if this is how the PPP speak to us while in opposition, how will they treat us if they are in office? “

The PPP contempt for the military is reflected in their “one-month bonus” proposal. Imagine, with the economy about to take off because of the new oil and gas section, all the PPP is promising the military is one-month bonus.

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President David Granger

What about every rank a home owner as promised by President Granger? What about education and training for all ranks? What about modern equipment for the Army, Air Corp, Coast Guard, Police Force, Fire Service, and Prison Service? What about a proper salary all year, so they don’t have to depend on one month bonus. Every month will be a bonus under the APNU-AFC.

The PPP don’t care about the military. The PPP eyes pass the military. It is real eye pass for the PPP to treat the military how they treated them, and now asking the military to vote so they could get the same treatment.


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