The PPP/C, Government is not improving the lives of all workers in Guyana.”They have forgotten their 2020, elections campaigned manifesto.” They have fooled the sugar workers and other people across Guyana. The people voted for them tremendously in the past 2020, elections and put them in Government and they cannot fulfill their promises. However, their days are numbered in Government.The way you treat others so it will fall on you severely in the future.
All electorates of Guyana must vote for The New Movement 592, political party, In all the future elections. We assure everyone that you will be having a successful life to live across the eighty three thousand square miles of Guyana. We have old and brand new economic developments already put in various places to be given free to everyone in Guyana. The oil and gas monies are very abundantly on a monthly basis. There are many natural resources of Guyana and Guyana doesn’t have one million of People. Why the people must live under poverty? Where the monies are going to?
How the monies are being spent? Can someone in the PPP/C, Government say about the income and expenditure on a monthly basis to the people of Guyana? President Irfaan Ali, must give the Afro Guyanese $GYD25, 000, COVID- 19 Pandemic relief. However, not only Indian people. Please, administrate in a very objective manner.
Eventually, the people of Guyana you need to get the PPP/C, Government out of office, before 2024. Guyana doesn’t belong to Bharrat Jagdeo and Irfaan Ali.

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Chandrapaul Mohabir


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