Walking through muddy water will soon be a thing of the past for students, teachers, and other residents who use the bridge that leads into Barabina in Region One.

Regional Executive Officer Randolph Storm said a new footpath bridge would be built to replace the current dilapidated structure following instructions from Minister of Social Protection, Hon. Amna Ally.

Vehicles crossing the flooded bridge
Students walking through the muddy water

The minister made the call after witnessing the struggle Barabina residents faced daily. The RDC will build the structure which should be finished in January.

Rayann Chan, a teacher at the Barabina Primary for 14 years, said it was a challenge getting to and from the school since it cost $2000 to cross the bridge by vehicle.


“Sometimes when the rain falls especially at this Christmas time, the water gets very high, we usually have to get the boat to cross, or sometimes we walk through the water that is over our knees,” she explained.

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Dale Ossorio, another teacher of Barabina Primary, welcomed the news.


“It is a good initiative because since the high tide and heavy rainfall, the water has been up to my knee and some morning I have to fetch the children on my neck to come to school. It is very difficult.

So, this initiative will help us because the children depend upon us and about 70 percent of the teachers work in Mabaruma and every day they have to cross that little path there with water to come to school. So, if this is done, we will be so grateful.”


Regional Education Officer Nigel Richards commended the initiative and thanked Minister Ally for her intervention.


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