ATTORNEY-at-law Bernard DaSilva has made a no-case submission in favour of his client, a 50-year-old chain saw operator, who is charged for the murder of his reputed wife, who was killed during a domestic dispute at their Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast home, earlier this year.

Devanand Narine, is currently on remand for the capital offence which alleged that, on May 16, 2019, at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast, he murdered 39-year-old Farida Khayum, a domestic worker.
Magistrate Esther Sam, who sits at the Anna Regina Magistrate’s Court presided over the preliminary inquiry into the matter.

Devanand Narine

Attorney DaSilva made a submission calling for the murder charge against his client to be dismissed and for the accused not to be called to lead his defence, since the prosecution failed to establish a case.

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During Narine’s first court hearing, DaSilva had contended that, on the day in question, his client came home under the influence of alcohol and found a male visitor present.


DaSilva said that Narine enquired of his reputed wife about the individual’s presence and an argument ensued. Further, the attorney told the court that, during the argument, his client was attacked by the male visitor and Khayum’s two sons. DaSilva also claimed that, during the fight, Khayum’s sons threw a poisonous substance down his client’s throat.
The Prosecutor is expected to respond to the no-case submission on December 6, 2019, and Magistrate Sam will rule on January 7, 2020.

The prosecution is contending that the investigation had revealed that there was no ‘male friend’ at the home as Narine claimed.

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On the day in question, Narine and Khayum were at home when they got into an argument which quickly became physical. It is alleged that Narine armed himself with a knife from the kitchen and stabbed his reputed wife several times about her body.

The police were summoned and Khayum’s lifeless body was discovered in the kitchen area at the home. Narine was arrested and taken to the Suddie Hospital, where he was treated for ingesting herbicide.


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