Dear Editor,

Over the years I have followed with keen interest  the political manipulation of the major political parties and that of the fledging minority parties. As a result of their manipulations Guyana has been lagging behind in many ways. Unless drastic policies are implemented this trend will continue for decades to come despite the promises of an oil boom.


One area stands out-constitutional reforms- which both major parties have been pussyfooting around.

After national elections, I suggest that the new government focus part of its energy on updating the country’s legislation. Without going into specifics, many of the laws are antiquated according to a number of legal scholars. As a result economic and financial systems cannot be modernized easily.

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It is also time that the experts come up with a robust medium and long term development plan incorporating the emerging oil industry to move Guyana into the modern world. The shortsighted party manifestos will certainly not cut it.



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