– as it launches its elections campaign come Friday

THOUSANDS of Guyanese from across the country are expected to gather at Durban Park on Friday, January 3, 2020 for the grand launching of the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Elections Campaign.

Under the theme ‘Forward Ever – Backward Never,’ the launch will commence at 17:00hrs.
Headlining the launch will be a live performance from Trinidadian soca artiste, Farmer Nappy, who has already dropped a confirmation video on his attendance. He will perform alongside a number of Guyanese artistes including Adrian Dutchin, Kwasi Ace, Vanilla, Alabama, Jomo and Big Red.


Most anticipated, however, is the feature address, which would be delivered by President David Granger.

People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Executive Member, Dr. Mark Kirton, told Guyana Chronicle that through the campaign, the coalition intends to energise the base, thereby ensuring a return of the APNU+AFC to office come March, 2020.
There has been significant groundswell in relation to President Granger’s reelection, Kirton said.


While it is believed that the entertainment aspect of the launch aims to target the larger demographic of voters – the youths – a demographic which ‘voted like a boss’ in the 2015 elections that resulted in the APNU+AFC being elected to office, Kirton said, the coalition is targeting all of Guyana.

“We want to have people of all the regions, we want to have a cultural show and have President Granger speak to all the demographic so they can be able to develop the mandate in relation to the achievements of the coalition and meeting the basic needs of the people,” he said. The message, he said, would be unambiguous and will be manifested in other campaigning mechanisms to follow.

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APNU+AFC supporters are expected to join those residing in the city to ensure the launch reaps massive success. For the coalition’s stronghold, approximately 1,000 Lindeners will be led to the launch by PNCR Region 10 Chairman, Jermaine Figueira. Figueira said that it is important that Region 10 sends a strong message that the support base of the coalition is as strong as 2015 and as such, confidence must be expressed in their attendance, that the coalition will win the 2020 elections.

In the lead up to the official launch, campaigning commenced in the various regions, targeting homes, groups and other sections of the electorate.
The launch will take place days after the two parties signed onto a revised Cummingsburg Accord.

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The accord was signed by Chairman of the APNU, President David Granger and AFC’s Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan – the Minister of Public Security.

Under this new agreement, the AFC will get 30 per cent of the seats secured by the coalition in the National Assembly based on a new 70:30 ratio agreed upon with APNU.


The formula will also guide the allocation of seats at the level of the Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs). Under the old accord, the formula was 60:40. Further, the Prime Ministerial post will be held by the AFC as was done under the old accord.



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