The Ali/PPP installed regime is distributing the state’s resources to PPP members and enriching the PPP elite, friends, and families while starving the Public Service, the Guyana Defence Force, and the Guyana Police Force of resources. Clearly, the regime’s approach is racist and politically discriminatory. Guyana would be a nice place if it had a government that distributes state resources in a just and fairway. The reality is, Guyana is governed by an installed PPP regime that practices racism and political discrimination and therefore the allocation of state resources is unfair and unjust. In a recent meeting, the Ministry of agriculture was ordered to double the money for flood relief so that the PPP racist regime can distribute it to Party activists and pay severance to sugar workers. It should be noted that the regime needs more money to distribute since they are facing the backlash from excluding people who had genuine cases to benefit from flood relief but did not because of PPP corruption, incompetence, cronyism, and racial and political discrimination. Clearly, the installed regime”s aim is to empower PPP activists and the PPP support base while impoverishing the rest of the Guyanese population. While the PPP support base is benefitting significantly from so-called flood relief, the public service, inclusive of the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force is deliberately deprived of salary increases. The intention is economic oppression with the aim of domination and control. This policy will fail. The regime has given no salary increase to the Public Service since being installed. What is worse, is that the 77 % increase that public servants gained under the APNU+AFC has been eaten away by the high cost of living which is a direct result of PPP incompetence. While the regime refuses to increase salaries of public servants, inclusive of the Joint Services, it is barefaced in the use of the said Guyana Police Force to repress and oppress the people of Guyana, especially Afro Guyanese and Indo and Indigenous Guyanese who are perceived to be APNU+AFC. We urge the members of the GPF to realize that they are being used against their own interests. The Guyana Police Force needs to recognize that they are being used as a tool to repress our people, given token bonus payments while millions of real dollars ( not token bonuses) are given to PPP cronies This is open racism and political discrimination that has to be challenged by all Guyanese inclusive of those in the Guyana Police Force. Say no to PPP apartheid in Guyana. We need to continue to organize and rally against this corrupt, incompetent, and divisive installed regime.
Aubrey C. Norton
5 Th October 2021
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