Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Volda Lawrence, on Tuesday, reminded the PNCR that there is strength in unity as she warned against confrontation and division.

“I wish to affirm today it is clear that political confrontation would lead us nowhere. Our actions must be set towards unification. We want to proceed in a way that will enable everyone to benefit – at least this should be our goal,” Lawrence admonished.


Lawrence, at the time, was addressing the party leaders at Congress Place during a simple flag raising ceremony held in commemoration of the PNCR’S 64TH Anniversary.

As the party celebrates another milestone, Lawrence said it is critical for the PNCR to expand its reach, and allow its principles and commitment to the people of Guyana to dominate the political realm and improve the lives of all Guyanese.

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“From this historical starting point, our personal commitment as well as our responsibility to all of Guyana must include working to have a more organised and mobilised party, united in its effort to advocate for its membership and all Guyanese,” the PNCR Chairman said.

With the party’s much anticipated 21st Biennial Delegates Congress set for later this year, Lawrence said it is a reminder that the PNCR remains committed to the tenets of democracy enshrined in its constitution,     and the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.


“Our Congress demonstrates our strength, our vivacity, and our dynamism. It demonstrates our unity and our vision. It shows the continuity of our work.  Comrades, our Congress also holds a very important significance for our Party. Let me therefore, assure you comrades that no effort will be spared to ensure of your safety, as all factors have been considered and all necessary precautions will be taken,” she told those present.

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Lawrence said as a party, unified in purpose, the PNCR will continue to defend and promote its principles, which are centered on social justice. She said the Biennial Delegates Congress signifies and rekindles hope in the Party and hope for the future.


“Hope in the future, because WE are the Party of the future. A Party of the future founded on a glorious past, which will forever inspire us. And guide us to continue building, together, our great Guyana, the Cooperative Republic of Guyana,” she said.  This year, PNCR is celebrating its 64th Anniversary under the theme “Learning from the past, Conquering the Future.”


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