Liberty and Jus

The Liberty and Justice Party’s Manifesto launched on August 30, 2019 incorporates the Legatum Prosperity Index – a globally measurable index that measures the quality of life of a country’s population against 9 key Pillars.
Our manifesto comprises our commitment to elevating our country out of the Political Hegemony that has gripped Guyana for the last 54 years.


It is incumbent on any administration to have a clear understanding of the future needs of a country and plan for it – something both the PPP and the APNU/AFC have failed to do.

In 2014, it was reported in Kaieteur News that Exxon gave the PPP administration over USD $300 000 to start an Oil and Gas Program at the University of Guyana.
Had the PPP not taken that money and put it into their party coffers, the graduating class of 2018 and 2019 would have seen Guyana better positioned to capitalise on the current developing industry in Guyana.
To further compound the problem, the PPP and APNU/AFC Admninstrations signed agreements for 1 and 2% royalties. A giveaway of our children’s futures.

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While we respect the sanctity of contracts, contracts are meant to balance agreements so that there is mutual benefit to signatories.

Both the PPP and the APNU/AFC have clearly signalled their unwillingness and unpreparedness to revisit the contracts.


The “contracts” signed on behalf of Guyana are absolutely unbalanced and the LJP is steadfast in our commitment to rectifying these dilapidated contracts.

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Welcome to the Liberty and Justice Party – A movement for the future.


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