PPP Can’t Win With Irfaan

PPP supporters are fretting about the outcome of the March 2 elections. The party of Jagan is about to face certain defeat never to return to government.
Jagdeo’s candidate, Irfaan Ali, can’t win. Another candidate can win. Jagdeo must listen!
Jagdeo stage managed the process of selecting Irfaan as the Presidential candidate threatening members with their livelihood. Central Committee members in PPP were directed by Jagdeo how to vote. Jagdeo believes he will run the government with Irfaan as President. But Jagdeo is blind to reality. He is not seeing that Irfaan is unelectable, worse than Ramotar. Thus, Jagdeo will not run any government. Just like how he set the stage for the destruction of Guysuco and victimization of sugar workers, Jagdeo now risks the future of the PPP and its supporters and the business community. The future of the forestry, mining, and energy industries are also at stake in this election. Jagdeo risks all and the well being of PPP supporters by pushing ahead with an unpopular candidate. PPP’s defeat has huge implications for its supporters as the party will never make a comeback in government again. Supporters and business community will suffer like never before – treated as third class.
All commentators and opinion polls say this is last chance for PPP to win. But surveys show Irfaan can’t win. The party is doomed to permanent opposition and supporters permanent third class citizens if Irfaan remains candidate. The only way to save the PPP and its supporters and redeem Jagan’s image is to replace Irfaan pronto. Anyone else but Irfaan will win.

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Experts and business people say this is the easiest election to win. All Jagdeo and PPP have to do is put a credible, honest candidate and it wins. Supporters note the following about Irfaan hurting PPP:
— banned from visiting Canada because of corruption
— perception of corruption hangs over him
— dishonest; no academic integrity; bogus education certificates
— disliked by over 90 percent of the population
— his attitude and personality turn away voters
— he cursed, abused, and physically threw people out of his office as Housing Minister
— he abused people including respected elders, pandits, priests, mulvis, imams, and women
— sent police to kick down door of those critical of him including a Pandit when he was a Minister
— All Opinion Surveys and media confirm Irfaan can’t win (Cadres, TRPI, social media, among others).
— Ordinary people on the street, letter writers, newspapers editorials say Irfaan can’t win
— Fraudulent acquisition of countless properties, several in G/town, some in other people’s names, including 20 acres on East Bank, sport gym on East Bank, restaurants including New Thriving on East Bank, Church’s Chicken in Vreed-en-Hoop, etc.
— While Irfaan gave himself 20 acres, sugar workers were denied 20 feet, and home owners were denied 20 inches in front of their home
— While Irfaan enriched himself to own a fowl farm, he denied sugar workers a plot for farming
— interest in two oil blocks through front names
— implicated in Pradoville land (charges); 26 charges filed against him
— Religious Bias in allocating house lots including in his home village of Leonara and not providing equal place for places for worship in every Scheme.
— Many PPP supporters say they will stay home
— several party stalwarts vow they will not vote or campaign for Irfaan as candidate
— cannot attract young people or those from other ethnic groups
— paid bribes to others to write his dissertation and do the work for his PhD;
— arrogant, vindictive, childish, immature
— is easy target practice for the coalition campaign


A Political campaign is zero-sum: either win or lose. No prize for running second. Ruling Coalition is preparing campaign materials exposing fraud and corruption relating to Irfaan. There is a ton of negatives that the APNU-AFC coalition will use on Irfaan that will cause more voters to turn away from him and PPP. Irfaan can’t win and it will be an unpleasant experience for PPP Supporters. Demand a change in candidate now.


Who can win? Shyam Nokta can win; Anil, Frank, Vindi, Priya, Feroze, Bishop, Hydar can win. Any other decent person of honesty, integrity, and repute can win, but not Irfaan. So why is Jagdeo taking a risk with Irfaan and facing certain defeat? Jagdeo is not seeing reality – defeat staring PPP under Irfaan.

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PPP supporters have to make their views known and demand that Jagdeo change the candidate or risk being in opposition forever. Tell Jagdeo Irfaan can’t win. Demand that a person of integrity be chosen as the PPP nominee for guaranteed win.


Written By Geewan Arun Persaud



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