…investigations currently ongoing by Office of Professional Responsibility

The Police Officer who had been caught on video using his handcuffs to beat a man while trying to arrest him at the Meadow Bank Wharf, Georgetown, earlier this month has been relieved of his duties which involve dealing with the public.

The Police rank in casual wear using the handcuffs to hit Little’s hands

This is according to Commander of Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) Sub-division A (Georgetown), Assistant Police Commissioner Edgar Thomas.
He told Guyana Times on Sunday that investigations into the matter were currently ongoing and being spearheaded by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).
However, in the interim, until the probe is concluded, the rank has been tasked with other duties which do not permit him to deal directly with the public.
According to Commander Thomas, once the OPR makes its recommendation after its investigation, he will abide by it. As such, that Policeman’s career depends solely on the findings of the OPR.

The rank armed with his gun and pointing it in the direction of Little, who had already been restrained by the uniformed officer, at the Meadow Bank Wharf

Police ranks are issued various items to execute their duties; for instance, a baton is used to assist in subduing a suspect, the Commander notes, while a pair of handcuffs is used for another purpose.
However, when a Police Officer uses one of his tools for a purpose than the one originally intended, this will lead to questions about whether or not the rank had stepped out of line or breached the rights of the suspect.
On December 5, a video went viral on social media (Facebook) with the Police Officer in question attempting to aid his colleague in arresting 32-year-old Quincy Little.

The Policeman dealing a hard blow to Little’s face with the handcuffs

Little was accused of stealing a snapper from another vendor and the Police visited him two hours after the simple larceny report was made requesting that he accompany them to the Ruimveldt Police Station.
He told the media that he requested that the ranks call his brother before he was arrested, but was denied this.
Little was subsequently released on self-bail upon his arrival at the Police Station after which he was taken to the hospital.
He vehemently told reporters that he was innocent and the vendor who made the accusation against him did not want to take the matter further.
He further stated that his brother who also vends on the wharf, volunteered to repay the $6000 (the value of the snapper). Little, along with his relatives, is calling for justice.

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