Dead: Pravidi ‘Marina’ Ramcharran, 81

The life of an 81-year-old woman was yesterday morning snuffed out after a car struck her down while she was on a pedestrian crossing. The incident which took place opposite the Post Office in Nigg Village, Corentyne, Berbice, saw persons nearby rushing to her assistance.

Dead is Pravidi Ramcharran called ‘Marina’ formerly of Albion Front, Corentyne, Berbice.
Reports are that Ramcharran had just left the Nigg Post Office and was making her way across the pedestrian crossing when a car – PPP 1008 – driven by a 29-year-old Chinese National of Lot 56 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown – struck her, pelting her frail body several feet away. The car was heading west along the southern carriageway of the public road, reportedly at a fast rate, when it hit the pensioner who was crossing from south to north.
According to the grieving relatives of the grandmother, she left home early yesterday to uplift her pension at the post office and was making her way back home when the incident occurred.

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81-year-old Pravidi ‘Marina’ Ramcharran (white arrow indicates), seen on CCTV, on the pedestrian crossing, just before being struck by the car (red arrow).

Surveillance footage seen by this publication, showed Ramcharran walking out slowly from the post office and making a stop at the southern side of the pedestrian crossing to check for


The damaged fender of the car that was involved in the accident.She was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital in an unconscious state and was pronounced dead on arrival.

oncoming traffic.It appeared that the road was clear enough for her to cross but then came the car, ploughing into her body while she was halfway across the crossing. As a result of the impact, her body landed near the parapet on the southern carriageway in a crouching position. By that time passersby and residents in the area rushed to her assistance.

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Traffic ranks who were at the scene marked several meters after the pedestrian crossing as the point of impact, although the surveillance video clearly shows that she was hit on the crossing.
The driver of the car who stopped a few metres away after the impact was arrested and is currently in custody at the Albion Police Station.



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