TO better acquaint himself with the new territory, newly- appointed Commander of Region Ten Division, Superintendent Hugh Winter, on Tuesday, engaged members of the business community in Linden, hire car drivers and the Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell and Councillors, during a walk-about exercise. He was joined by his Deputy Commander, Dexter Brown, and other senior ranks, representing the various departments in the division.
The Commander and team, engaged particularly business owners and explained that the Division will be adopting an aggressive security posture to protect businesses from criminal elements, during the upcoming Christmas season. They also shared security tips with business owners on how they can protect themselves and their businesses, during this season.
The ranks then met with hire car drivers plying the Amelia’s Ward and Wismar route as well as those plying the Georgetown route, and engaged them on the many traffic laws drivers were observed breaking and the need for them to comply earliest, so as to avoid prosecution.


Winter and team also formally met with Mayor Waneka Arrindell and her Councillors and communicated on how the division and the Constabulary can collaborate on various projects, to ensure citizens feel safe and protected.


The parties discussed collaboration with the toll station system and how same can be better managed. Arrindell also mulled moving the booth to a more convenient location, where ranks will be better able to monitor same. Discussions also surrounded stricter enforcement of the movement of logging trucks on the Wismar shore, particularly during peak hours and on main thoroughfares. The facilitating of training for Municipal Constables was also discussed as well as collaborated patrols and sensitization programmes.
Winter said that the walk-about comes days before the official Christmas presentation, where citizens will be detailed on the posture that will be taken to ensure the season is a crime free one.

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Winter was posted to Region Ten, upon the establishment of Regional Divisions, last month. Since then, he would have visited all stations and outposts in the region and would have also engaged Rural Constables and Toshaos, in an effort to close the gap between the outlying communities and Linden.


As part of his preventative crime fighting strategy, Winter said he felt it was important to participate in social activities as it was a means of building trust with the residents.
The general focus on the Division is to follow in his predecessors’ steps, to keep crime rate in the Division relatively low. Earlier in the year, the Division enjoyed a 20% reduction in all categories of serious crime.

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