– says mother of 26-year-old woman found dead at Aracari Resort

THE mother of Sabrina Nandram, 26, called “Priya” of Alness Village, Corentyne, Berbice, whose body was discovered on Sunday evening in a locked hotel room at the Aracari Resort, is shocked that her daughter may have committed suicide.
The mother of two was discovered with her boyfriend, Kevin Singh, 26, of Lot 18 Triumph, East Coast Demerara at the Versailles, West Bank Demerara establishment. Kevin was also found dead.
Speaking to the Guyana Chronicle at her son’s residence in Bushlot Village, East Berbice, Corentyne, Sabita Singh, 46, said her daughter and Kevin were in a relationship for over two years. He would often visit Sabrina at her home in Alness, and according to Sabita, the couple shared a happy relationship.

The mother noted that her daughter had moved back to Berbice about two years ago and was staying with her at Alness on the Corentyne, where Kevin would often visit.

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“She and she first husband separate and she been with he for two years now. She children does stay with them grandparents in town and them come for the holiday. He too come up and spend a two-day and he gone back up and she left Saturday morning to carry the children back home,” Sabita recalled.

Sabrina reportedly left Berbice on Saturday morning and had spoken to her mother on Saturday evening, saying she would be home on Sunday at around noon.
Sabita said she tried calling her daughter early on Sunday morning to find out what time she was leaving but the phone went unanswered. She tried calling her several times throughout the day but the calls went unanswered. However, at around 19:00hrs on Sunday evening, a male answered the phone and said he is a police officer and the owner of the phone is dead.


Thinking she had dialled a wrong number, Singh called again and got the same shocking news. She eventually asked a relative to call as she refused to believe what she heard was true.

Singh said she travelled up to Versailles to identify her daughter’s body and saw that she had what appeared to be a poisonous substance on her face and her body was bloated, leaving her to believe she was forced to drink the substance or had drowned.


“She frighten death and would never try to kill she self cause she loves her children them. Like she drown cause she belly and suh did swell up plus she had green stuff on she face. I don’t know what really happen but she would never try to kill she self cause she nah had no reason,” the mother reasoned.

Since the news of her daughter’s death, Sabita had moved out and is
staying at the residence of one of her sons in Bushlot Village since being in
the home she shared with her daughter brings back too many painful
memories. The wake and the funeral service will be done at the Bushlot
address as well.

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Sabrina was the third of four siblings and was described as a quiet and caring individual who loved her children.

The post-mortem is expected to be conducted today and relatives are
hoping it will provide answers to their many unanswered questions.


The bodies of the couple were found in a bathtub in a locked room at
the Aracari Resort. Police said based on initial investigations, the bodies did not bear any marks of violence and the bottle of poisonous substance suggests the couple may have committed suicide.



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