Govt. disappointed with the rash decision by Troy Resources  

Government has expressed its disappointment in what it describes as a precipitous decision by Australian Mining Corporation, Troy Resources Limited for laying off approximately three hundred workers with little or no notification.


According to Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Raphael Trotman, Cabinet has been briefed on the matter and efforts are being made to address the situation.

“It’s a serious development no doubt, Cabinet has been briefed by myself and Minister of Social Protection, Minister Ally this morning and a discussion has ensued, it has been going on in fact for several weeks,’ Minister Trotman explained.

However, even as communication had been ongoing, Minster Trotman said Government had was unaware that the company would terminate the services of the over three hundred workers who were laid off of work during the last six weeks of the year.

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“We believe that the action taken by the company, of course, is precipitous.” … “We are most disappointed I have to say, I don’t believe we were given sufficient notice of this action, both ministers did engage the company’s management last week and none of us had a sense that this was going to happen,” Minister Trotman stated.

The Natural Resources Minister reiterated the administration’s disappointment with the company. Every door has been opened to the company for them to resume operations in a shorter time, we have made that possible for them.” Minister Trotman explained.

He said the government will continue engaging the company about early restarting and bringing back all workers laid off. “This is not the time of the year that we should see workers going home, they have homes, its Christmas,” he noted.

In the meantime, he said Cabinet has asked that a Ministerial Sub-Committee be established to engage the company and all others that may be having issues at this point.

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The initial halting of mining activities at the company’s Kairouni, Region Seven operations came in light of a preliminary investigation into the death of Geologist Ryan Taylor at the company’s Hicks One Extension pit last month.


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