Twas Guyana’s jungle on this day in November
The horror of Jonestown, sorrowfully remembered
41 years since Jim Jones, a disciple of death
And here, 914 people, drew their final breath

Drums of Kool-Aid drink, laced with cyanide
304 children murdered, horrific mass suicide
U.S. Congressman and others shot, no shame
The staccato of gunfire, brainwashed nuts to blame


Near Port Kaituma, in the land of sun and rain
The lawlessness of a state within a state, bloodstain
America tragedy and those who allowed this cult
Now Guyana will always carry this horrid insult

41 years of time passed, the birds have flown
I remember that day as one of the saddest known
Jim Jones, The People’s Temple and I wonder why
Haunting the heart of Guyana where songbirds fly.

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