It is with great sadness that I wish to express my disgust for Mr. Irfaan Ali’s statements that he wishes to have Mr. Bharat Jagdeo as his Vice President.
A quick glance of the Guyana Constitution Chapter 1:10 Article 101 (1) states “The President shall appoint an elected member of the National Assembly to be Prime Minister of Guyana. Provided that a person who is not eligible to be elected as President shall not be eligible for appointment as Prime Minister”.
Editor, the creators of our esteemed Constitution went to great lengths to imply that basically once you’ve served two terms as President you cannot serve again in the capacity as President or hold any office which could eventually see you being propelled to the office of President.
It is my humbled view based on our laws, our Constitution and the rulings of the CCJ that the current Leader of The Opposition cannot hold the office of Minister, Prime Minister or Vice President because all these aforementioned posts can eventually act for the President in the event he dies, is out of the jurisdiction or is unable to execute the office of the President of Guyana.
Mr. Irfaan Ali is running for office of the President and if this is his first action to undermine the rulings of the CCJ and break the Constitution, then I think he is already losing the confidence of Guyana.
Mr. Ali, we demand an apology from you for your blatant potential disregard of the constitution.

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