THE Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown is reminding all persons who would be slaughtering bovine animals for the EID-UL-ADHA holiday that the carcasses must be examined and certified by the officers of the Municipal Abattoir.

“Since the meat would be distributed to the public, it is important that trained Meat and Food Inspectors determine its wholesomeness. The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown have the responsibility of ensuring the meat and food entering the public domain for consumption are free from tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases,” the M&CC said in a press release.


The M&CC noted that where masjids would be utilized for the slaughtering of animals on EID-UL-ADHA day, “it is imperative that a Meat and Food inspector be on site to inspect and certify the integrity of the meat.”

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To make arrangements persons can call the Municipal abattoir on telephone numbers 227-2131 or 226-3700.


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