Mamadou Bah ran into a barber shop in Flatbush after he was stabbed. He later succumbed to his wounds. (Facebook)

By Kerry Burke and John Annese

With his final bit of strength, a young stabbing victim staggered into a Brooklyn barbershop and begged the employees inside to call his mother before he succumbed to his fatal wounds.


Mamadou Bah, 19, an immigrant from Senegal with dreams of playing professional basketball, stumbled into Gentlemen’s Quarters Salon on Church Ave. near Ocean Ave. in Flatbush just before 10 p.m. Tuesday. AdvertisementRemaining Time -0:26

“My stomach, my stomach,” he told the shop’s employees, according to his mother, Binta Bah, 37.


He then lifted his jacket, and the workers realized he was bleeding. Bah was in such pain he didn’t realize he had been stabbed in his chest rather than his stomach, his mother said.

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“He gave them my number and said, ‘This is my mom,’” she recounted.[More New York] SEE IT: Crook knocks elderly Brooklyn woman to the ground, robs her purse »


The workers there called 911, and medics rushed Bah to Kings County Hospital.

“I got a call from the barbershop. By the time I got to the hospital, he was in surgery and he died,” Binta Bah said.


Authorities deem his death a homicide. Cops are still investigating where and why he was stabbed.[More New York] Bronx woman in critical condition after being knifed in the neck and back; boyfriend charged with attempted murder »

Bah was the oldest of four siblings.


“I always told him to be careful,” his mother said. “I was always worried because anything can happen in the street. This is America. But he said, ‘Don’t worry, mom, everything’s all right.’”

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Police were still looking into a motive for the killing Thursday night.

Bah was charged in a robbery and assault case in August, said police sources. He posted $1,000 bond on Jan. 6 to be released from jail.


Bah’s mother didn’t address his trouble with the law, but said he wanted to return to school and was planning to go to work.

“His state ID arrived Monday, and the next day he was dead,” she said. Related Gallery

Feb. 19, 2020

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Violent crimes occur in New York

Bah’s mother and his uncle, Djibril Bah, 31, said they didn’t know who’d want him dead.[More New York] Woman killed in Queens apartment blaze »

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“Mamadou didn’t have problems with anybody. He as a good kid. He wanted to be a professional basketball player,” he said. “The family came here in 2014 from Senegal to reunite with relatives. We all wanted a better life.”


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