– Produce to be shipped to the Caribbean, North America and Europe

THE Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is aiming to produce 69,480 tonnes of sugar for the “second crop” period of 2020.
The corporation, despite its dire constraints and the existing economic conditions, had managed to produce 37,015 tonnes of sugar during the ‘first crop’ period for this year. Its ‘first crop’ production was equivalent to 79.6 per cent of its target, which was 46,476 tonnes of sugar.

GuySuCo will, however, be looking to improve on its “first crop” performance, when the “second crop” commences on August 7, 2020.
The corporation, in a press statement, said Albion/Port Mourant Estate will start “grinding cane” on July 31, 2020, while the factories at the Blairmont and Uitvlugt Estates will commence operations by August 4, 2020.


Operations at Albion and Blairmont will extend over a seventeen-week crop period while Uitvlugt is projected to extend for ten weeks.
During the coming season, the corporation will be shipping bulk sugar to markets in the Caribbean, North America and Europe, while both bulk and direct consumption sugars will be sold on the local market.

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“When our customers buy our sugars, they contribute towards employment for 8,000 employees and their families or approximately 40,000 persons (family members), sustaining over 200 businesses (including suppliers), supporting of over 6,000 pensioners; as well as, health care for employees, pensioners and residents in many communities,” said GuySuCo.


Customers also contribute towards the corporation’s corporate social responsibility programme, in aspects of community development in Regions Three, Five and Six where the operational estates are located.

The corporation also provides training for residents in these communities, as well as emergency services, such as ambulance and fire tender services, and, very importantly, maintenance of the drainage and irrigation systems from Skeldon in East Berbice to Boerasirie on the West Coast of Demerara.

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It was reported that the management of GuySuCo is also exploring innovative and creative ways to keep the employees motivated and engaged, despite the “disruptive” transition process which is now compounded by the challenges around the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent times, GuySuCo has failed to make positive strides because of high production costs and the loss of lucrative markets, but the corporation believes that it could “rise from the ashes” with its new “I believe in GuySuCo” initiative.


According to recent reports, the initiative, as described by GuySuCo, is an internal stakeholder mobilisaton campaign and a new business plan, which will guide the company for the next five years.

The initiative is aimed at creating a revitalised sugar industry, with production surpassing 150,000 tonnes of sugar annually; competitive products; and a productive and highly-motivated team. Over the past four years the corporation has been working with a target of 147,000 tonnes of sugar annually.

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It is expected that, if given the required support and necessary financing, the corporation will return to a position of sustained growth and prosperity.
The corporation, through its new initiative, hopes to change the gloomy image of the industry by modernising its agriculture and factory operations, as well as diversifying its core business beyond the cultivation and production of raw sugar.

Emphasis will be on increasing the production of direct consumption sugars and producing white sugars for industrial use. Other new business lines include the generation and export (locally) of electrical energy and service industries, such as ‘sugar’ tourism.


“We look forward to strengthening our partnerships with our stakeholders, as we transition into a resilient business,” said GuySuCo.


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