Region 6 Berbice Guyana
-NA Deputy Mayor

The A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition Government was showered with praise by the Deputy Mayor of New Amsterdam, Mr. Wainwright McIntosh for his outlook on the developments the Administration would have wrought in the country, particularly New Amsterdam in Region 6 (East Berbice-Corentyne) in just over four years.


Speaking on a televised program today, the Deputy Mayor spared no commendation with which he could ascribe to the Government of President David Granger, for what he referred to as Guyana witnessing a “developmental overdrive.”

Berbice, primarily New Amsterdam, which falls under his ambit, underwent myriad significant transformation, notably its infrastructure, by the installation of multifold streetlights, the reconstruction and creation of roads, revamped drainage systems, inter alia. He proffered that confidence in Government has resuscitated.

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McIntosh gave compliments to President Granger, regarding him as “a man of God,” and one who has a passion for education and youths; the implementation of the President’s Five Bs Initiative was highly commended, in that it availed students with buses, breakfast, books, bicycles, boats. The Honorable Minister Dr. Nicolette Henry was given thumbs up by the Deputy Mayor for her stewardship of the Ministry of Education.

The President had recently provided GYD $1MILLION to the New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS), which was appreciated by McIntosh. Additional emphasis was placed on the National School Feeding Program, which provide meals for students at the Nursery and Primary levels. These, along with the innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Initiative, among others, are highlights of the President’s dedication towards the education of the nation, he noted.

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“The Coalition Government would’ve certainly proven themselves (to be) a Government of the people, for the people……developments are taking place everywhere, even the smallest child is enjoying those developments that are taking place. As Guyanese citizens, we need to appreciate and to laud the efforts of our Government of the day, the APNU+AFC,” the Deputy Mayor admonished.

Furthermore, he stressed that the President and his Administration has embarked on an inclusive venture for all Guyanese to benefit, stating that no community is overlooked or even favored due to political objectives.


He said too, that evidences exist in multiplicity to show that Guyana is a much better State under the Coalition Government.

Acknowledging the ever present opposing opinions, McIntosh pointed out that none can justly challenge the testimony of the good work the Coalition has done since assuming the seat of Government in 2015. Even a child can testify, he said.

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