After constant feedback from prepaid mobile subscribers and with a mandate to keep its promise of reliably connecting its customers, GTT has extended its data rollover expiration period from one-hour to 24 hours.

In a media release GTT said Prepaid mobile subscribers who have not exhausted their mobile data before their plan expires, will see the remaining data rollover once a new plan is purchased within the 24-hour expiration period. However, during the time of expiry, subscribers will be unable to access the left-over data until a new plan is purchased.


GTT’s Chief Operations Officer of Mobile Services, Richard Stanton, stated that while the company made the promise to extend the data rollover grace period before the end of August, the company had encountered a slight delay that resulted in a new promise to extend it before the end of September.

“Today, we have delivered that promise and trust that our valued customers would enjoy this extension. We have heard their feedbacks and we are adamant in keeping our promise of reliably connecting our customers and making doing business with GTT easier,” Stanton said.

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He highlighted that the company has also made some changes to its Mobile Terms and Conditions to reflect improvements in its overall operations.

“We have also updated our mobile platform to the latest version, which mean that our mobile plans expiration date will be in line with global standards. So, customers whose expiration date for data is way into the future [like November 3, 2022] will not change until that time,” Stanton said.


“These are all improvements that will enhance our mobile management platform with our 4G LTE mobile data services,” he added.

The GTT Mobile COO reminded that the company would continue to work towards improving its processes in line with the company’s new mission to reliably connect customers, strengthen the community, and innovate for all in Guyana, as it pivots to become a 21st century customer centric organisation.

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