GRA officers bulldoze ‘Jinga Harry’s’ gate with pick-up

The watchman guarding the property of Mahaica businessman, Harrylall Motilall better known as ‘Jinga Harry,’ ran away again on Thursday after officers from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) broke into his property for the second time this month.

Motilall and his family were not at home when the GRA officers invaded his premises on Thursday. However, he said that his watchman related to him that they came in four pick-ups around 23:00hrs.
His watchman was reportedly at the back of his property when the officers used a white Toyota Hilux pick-up to bulldoze his metal gate in order to gain entry. As the gate broke, the watchman, as he did on previous occasions, fled because he was fearful that the officers would shoot him.
Motilall said that the watchman reported the matter to him the following morning and he visited his property. There, he related, his metal gate was broken and wide open with tyre tracks leading into his premises.
The neighbours, he said, corroborated his watchman’s story and related to him that the pick-up used to bulldoze his gate had a PYY 899 licence plate.

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This is the second time for this month that Motilall’s property was invaded by the GRA officers. The first was on September 3, after two GRA officers were shot and injured while attempting to intercept a boat they suspected were transporting illegal goods.
Investigators had accused Motilall of being the perpetrator of the shooting incident and Guyana News Agency was informed that they had gone to the businessman’s property in search of weapons but found none to link him to the crime.
Motilall had accused them of damaging his property by destroying his gate, doors and even some household appliances in one of the rooms. He had even told  that he is “fed-up and frustrated of the constant break-ins to his property because he has to foot the bill.”
Thursday’s break-in, Motilall said, is just another example of how the action of the officers leaves him with expenses after one of their break-ins.
According to the businessman, he had spent $200,000 to repair his metal gate after they had bulldozed it on September 3.
The repairs were reportedly done on September 10, and six days later (Thursday last) they bulldozed his gate again.
Guyana News Agency has since reached out to Head of the GRA enforcement officers, Jason Moore, for a comment but this proved futile.

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