Family in search of Guyanese man who went missing 2 years ago

Relatives of a Guyanese man who reportedly went missing in Venezuela two years ago are currently doing all they can to find him. The missing man has been identified as, Ejaz Mohamed, 31. Mohamed’s family members live in Guyana, but he had reportedly moved to San Felix, Venezuela in 2015. Some family members who were residing there with him had returned to Guyana.

Mohamed had stayed in contact with his relatives via phone; however, two years ago in 2019, they lost track of his whereabouts. His sister, Bibi Mohammed Shazeena, recently contacted a journalist in Venezuela and the authorities there for assistance in locating him, because they are beginning to fear the worst.
Despite their fears, his family members are still living with the hope that he might still be alive. Venezuelan media house, La Primicia, published an article on behalf of the woman with the headline, “Woman is looking for her bother who has been missing for two years”.
Shazeena told the Venezuelan journalist that “concern for his wellbeing increases with each day that goes by without hearing from him. The last time Shazeena heard from her brother was a few days before he had disappeared. He had reportedly contacted her via phone and notified her that he was traveling to Valencia located in the State of Carabobo, Venezuela.
That location is located thousands of kilometers away from where he resided in San Felix. It is unclear whether Mohamed left driving to get there, or if he took a taxi or a bus.
As his family members continue to look for him, Shazeena requested that the regional and national authorities in Venezuela launch an investigation into his disappearance in the hope of locating his whereabouts.
The Representative of the Guyanese Community in Venezuela (RCGV) headed by Mr. Hamraj has also pledged its support in working along with the authorities to help Mohammed’s relatives locate him.
Anyone in Venezuela who might have any information of Mohammed’s whereabouts is asked to call telephone numbers, 0412-1801770, 0286-9727695 or 0424-9565506.

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