The dumping of garbage, plant matter and other items on the side of Regent Street, opposite the Bourda Market, has mounted several complaints by persons who ply their trade in the vicinity. 

Guyana Times visited the area on Saturday, where a pile of unwanted items was heaped onto the corner of the busy street, which also houses taxi drivers. It was placed there by workers attached to the Mayor and City Council who were employed to clean the Bourda Cemetery.
As the lawns were cleared, wheelbarrows of waste were transported to the street, with two cones strategically placed to caution citizens.
The area is primarily occupied by taxi-drivers who would collect passengers as they wrapped up their shopping at the nearby Bourda Market. Since they could not occupy the area, many were forced to cease work until the debris is removed.
However, one man sought to comment on the situation, labelling it as “unacceptable”. He said during this time where there is increased shopping, many are dependent on the drivers. It is also disappointing since their day’s earning is stymied.
“This is the time that we does catch some work and you have this unacceptable behaviour. City Hall should know better. Why don’t they get a big bin and place it in the cemetery for the people to put everything in,” he lamented.
Meanwhile, the situation was also an eyesore to vendors, since it was placed right in front of their stalls. Some complained about the unpleasant scent while others were seemingly upset about the aesthetics.
“I just want to say that this is not right,” said one of the vendors.
As it relates to the works, the workers were contracted to clear the entire cemetery by removing the overgrown bushes around the tombs.
Bourda Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Georgetown and the only surviving plantation cemetery in the city. It is considered a national landmark and has been listed as a national monument by the National Trust of Guyana.
Similar works were carried out at the Le Repentir Cemetery last year as part of a $150-million-dollar restoration exercise. This was the first time that a contractor had been hired to assist in the maintenance of the premises. In fact, it was revealed that the fences and gates would be restored, and interest would shift to constructing another crematorium. The development of roads in the cemetery was also part of the package.
However, months later, the former Town Clerk Royston King had expressed that despite these works, the area was “still in a bad shape”.

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