Kacey Da Silva, a father of one, who was shot and killed at Agricola, Greater Georgetown on December 20, 2018

…teen cousin of slain man also shot, battling for life at GPHC

The main witness in the murder of 34-year-old Kacey Da Silva, a father of one, who was shot and killed at Agricola, Greater Georgetown, on December 20, 2018, was murdered on Saturday evening in their village.

Dead is 25-year-old Seon Bobb, a friend of Da Silva’s, who was shot last year while in the company of Da Silva when the man was executed.
Meanwhile, a 15-year-old cousin of Da Silva was shot on Saturday and is currently battling for his life at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
Reports are that shortly after 19:00h on Saturday, Bobb was walking along Second Street, Agricola, when two gunmen pounced on him. This newspaper was told that the men fired several shots at Bobb, who attempted to escape by running into a side street then into First Street, Agricola. However, he was subsequently shot as residents in the area rushed out of their homes after hearing gunfire.
The bleeding man was picked up by residents and rushed to the GPHC for medical treatment. He, however, succumbed to his injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital.
Meanwhile, while the injured man was being transported to the hospital, two armed gunmen, believed to be the same duo that shot Bobb, ventured to a “liming house” in First Street, Agricola, where Da Silva’s teenage cousin would frequent with his friends.
The gunmen opened fire at the youth, who was reportedly shot multiple times, before falling to the ground. Residents told this publication that the house where Da Silva’s cousin was shot is the same house that Police raided on Thursday and arrested several persons.
The perpetrators then fled the area following the two shootings.
According to sources in Agricola, the gunmen are known in the area.
This publication was told that the men are called “Thuggie” and “Two-Two” and are in their early 20s.
Guyana Times understands that the two gunmen belong to the same “crew” that killed Da Silva last year.
A source stated that Bobb’s murder and Da Silva’s cousin’s shooting are as a result of the “crew” wanting to eliminate any witnesses that would testify against Da Silva’s shooter and his accomplice.
In fact, this publication was told that after media reports on Saturday revealed that one suspect in Da Silva’s shooting was finally arrested 11 months after the crime occurred, the “crew” took measures into their own hands to ensure that the suspect never faces jail time for Da Silva’s murder.
“This was done to get rid of Bobb because he would have had to testify as a witness. He was ready to do so. Kacey was his friend, he was there and got shot when Kacey was killed too. So he knew, he saw who killed his friend, and who shot him last year so this was to make sure he didn’t talk,” a relative told this publication.
Eleven months had passed since Da Silva’s murder with no one charged for the crime and only recently Police were said to have caught a break in the Da Silva murder case, following the arrest of five persons during a raid at Agricola on Thursday.
One of those arrested is said to be the brother of the murder suspect.
The man, who was arrested on Thursday morning, is the brother of the murder suspect that the police were hunting for in relation to him having a hand to play in the shooting to death of Da Silva and the shooting of Bobb.
On Thursday morning during one of the several police raids conducted in Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), the suspect was nabbed after he, along with four others, were found inside of a house at First Street, Agricola, with three handguns, ammunition, and a small quantity of cannabis.
However, at the time of the quintet’s arrest, investigators were unaware that they had arrested one of the suspects that were reportedly involved in Da Silva’s murder and the shooting of Bobb.
When contacted by Guyana Times on Friday afternoon, senior Police sources close to the investigation confirmed that an extension was sought for detaining that suspect after the legal 72-hour holding period expired.
The extension was granted and the suspect is currently in Police custody. Investigators are now intensifying their efforts in the probe into the killing of Da Silva now that they have a person of interest that was initially said to have been the accomplice involved in Da Silva’s death.
According to reports, Da Silva, also known as, “Presser” and Bobb were shot after “Home Alone” opened fire on them for laughing at him because he was beaten by another man during a fight at Second Street, Agricola, on December 20, 2018.
It was reported that the suspect felt embarrassed after DaSilva and Bobb started laughing at him and calling him names.
Police said that shortly after, the suspect’s brother allegedly handed him a gun, which he used to confront DaSilva and Bobb and began shooting at the two men.
The suspect and his brother then left the location on foot through one of the access streets in the village, leaving DaSilva mortally wounded with gunshots to the right chest and left foot.
Police in a release gave the suspects nicknames like “Home Alone” and “Gudgie”.
Shortly after the killing, a senior police rank related that Police had arrested a person in relation to the murder of Da Silva and attempted murder of Bobb.
That person was subsequently released.

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