Shopkeeper punches girl, 9, who complained about ‘hard tennis roll

Police have arrested a female shopkeeper who allegedly cuffed a nine-year-old girl repeatedly in her back on Wednesday last after she complained about the tennis rolls she bought.

Police Headquarters reported that the child was sent by her grandmother to purchase the item at the shop in No. 50 Village, Corentyne Berbice at around 12:00 but when she returned home, the grandmother told her to take it back since it was “hard.”


The child took the tennis rolls to the shop and placed same on the table and told the shopkeeper that she must take the “two hundred dollars and buy her coffin,” the police report noted.

It is alleged that the shopkeeper then held onto the victim and cuffed her six times in the back. The crying victim told her grandmother who then made a report to the police.

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The shopkeeper was arrested as investigations are in progress.




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