A SUPERINTENDENT of police is in hot water after a female police rank has come forward accusing him of rape, two weeks after he was accused by a female journalist of sexual harassment.

On Wednesday, Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, confirmed the development when he was asked to comment on the new information coming forward.


The Guyana Chronicle learned that the female police rank made the allegation earlier this week and provided a statement to that effect to police detectives.
The female cop, who at one time worked under the officer at the Criminal investigation Department, had requested to be transferred after a number of unethical advances were made to her as well as the alleged rape.

Last week, Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, told reporters that the officer was stood down from his regular duties. Based on the information which has since reached this publication, the officer was transferred to another section of the force.
The journalist, who made the sexual harassment claims against the officer two weeks ago, stated that the incident took place as she went to his officer to secure information on a matter which he was handling. The matter involved the discovery of arms and ammunition along with illicit substances.

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A number of senior officers were reportedly aware of the allegations made by the journalist, but did nothing.

However, the commissioner of police said while the information about a number of ranks being aware of the information is true, it was accurate to say that nothing was done in relation to the allegation.


He pointed out that they were informed about a matter of sexual harassment but were not told of the specifics of the case and who the other party was.
These matters remain under investigation.


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